Just Go!

Have you ever agreed to go to a party, but as the day gets closer you begin to not want to go. You’re filled with anxiety when you think about going as you try to think of a way to get out of showing up?

There are many reasons to feel this way. Tiredness, laziness, the type of party, the people at the party, but many times it comes down to the fear we feel when facing new people and what they will think of us.

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In my experience, I feel this anxiety leading up to a party where I don’t or barely know a large part of the group. I have also discovered, thanks to my more confident better half, that when I am dragged to the gathering I am usually totally fine once I get there. The people aren’t monsters. The people don’t hate me. The people won’t humiliate me. They are just people like me.

Social Media has become the place for digital gatherings. Joining these discussions can be nerve wracking, anxiety inducing, and just downright terrifying sometimes. But unlike an actual physical social gathering, I get to be the confident one and tell you – Just go! Be Brave. Get in there. Join the conversation. Be yourself. And have fun. The benefits far out-way the risks.

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