My Hiatus

I am currently doing the #1 No-No for blogging. I am not currently updating my site regularly.

While I agree it is important to blog regularly, I also believe that when you can’t you can’t. And forcing it will simply lead to a bad first impression, and a lot bullshitting. Any of you who know me, know I don’t bullshit. You know I am quiet and mindful. When asked a question, I like to think it through. When writing an article, I write it, sleep on it, reread it, rewrite it and sleep on it some more. (Usually)

Please forgive my absence. I know this blog looks lame. But, that is fine by me, I’d rather be invisible than filling your RSS feed with bullshit. When I do begin to write again, it will be when I am ready to do it right. If things go well…I’ll see you in April! Until then I will be on Facebook & Twitter.

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