Stop Marketing like Muhammad Ali – You’re not him!

You can shout all day about what you know, how smart you are, how great you are, and all the things your customers can buy. But if they don’t want to know what you are telling them, and they are not buying right now,  they don’t and won’t care. (Unless you float like a butterfly & sting like a bee!)

Get into your clients shoes. Find out what they need and want to know. Ask yourself, “What expertise do I have, that my customers WANT to know?”

And then give it to them.

Now you ask, what does this do for me and my business? (Yes, I know, ROI and all of that)

“I’m an Expert” vs. Being an Expert

You become the go-to person for your customers in your area of expertise. You are the expert. The listener. The person who cares about them. Not “them” as the customer. But “them” as the person. So when they DO need your service or product. They will pick you over your competitor. No doubt about it.

Still Skeptical?

Put your consumer shoes on. Three businesses are competing for your money. One says “We’re the experts.” The second has the lowest price, with bare minimum customer service and knowledge base. The third listens to your concerns and questions, gets to know you, provides you with the expert knowledge you seek, and works tirelessly to make sure all your needs are met.

Where will you shop?

Some, undoubtedly want the cheapest price, no matter what the experience is. There is no avoiding that. But do you want to be the business to provide them the lowest price? Reaping the lowest margin? With absolutely no chance for customer loyalty? Probably not.

Have you become the expert in your field? How has it changed your business?

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